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The Prof. Kenneth Dike State Central e-library is the headquarters of Anambra State Library Board. The history of the Board dates back to 1955 when the Eastern Nigeria Library Board came into being through legislation two years after the UNESCO seminar on Public Library development in Africa was held in Ibadan. The State Central Library which was also the administrative headquarters was commissioned on March 9th, 1959 at Enugu by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe the then Premier of the Eastern Region of Nigeria. By 1967 when civil hostilities broke out in the country, the Board had opened branches in Ikot Ekpene, Umuahia, Onitsha and Calabar. In 1967 the Eastern region was carved up into East Central, Rivers and Cross Rivers States, again in 1976, the East Central State was divided into Imo and Anambra States and in 1991, the current Anambra State was carved out from the old one with the capital at Awka while the remaining part was renamed Enugu State.

The first office of Anambra State Library Board was in Umuoranma Hall in Awka, from there the Library moved to four 2-bedroom flats along Enugu Road and retained the accommodation at Umuoranma Hall as the Book Depot. After much persuasion, the government of the day in 2000 gave the Board a classroom block in GTC. When the school was taken over by the Federal Government, the Board was unceremoniously driven out and it found solace in two classroom blocks at St. Mary’s High School Ifitedunu in 2003. Through advocacy and the divine grace the Board found favour in the heart of His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi who built the present headquarters of the Library and named it Prof. Kenneth Dike State Central e-library Awka. it is situated at Aroma junction along Awka Onitsha expressway besides Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), Awka.

At present there are 11 libraries within the system in different localities of the State namely;

  • Awka – Headquarters
  • Onitsha – Divisional Library
  • Abagana – Divisional Library
  • Nnewi -       Divisional Library
  • Ozubulu  -  Branch Library
  • Ihembosi -  Branch Library
  • Amichi -  Branch Library
  • Atani - Branch Library
  • Ajalli - Branch Library
  • Nkpologwu -  Branch Library
  • Adazinnukwu -  Branch Library

Organisational Structure

At the apex is the Board, then the Director of library Services. Under the Director are the Deputy Directors of:

  1. Administration Department,
  2. Technical Services Department under whom are Acquisition, Cataloguing and Bindery Sections
  3. Public Services Department under whom are Serials, Lending, e-library, Nigeriana, Reference, Children’s and the other libraries
  4. Accounts Department

As stated above there are three divisional libraries and the branch libraries are so placed under them administratively:

  1. Nnewi Divisional Library
    • Amichi, Ihembosi, Ozubulu branch libraries
  2. Abagana Divisional Library
    • Ajalli, Adazinnukwu, Nkpologwu branch libraries
  3. Onitsha Divisional Library
    • Atani branch library

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